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Welcome to Firewall

Eliminate Smart Contract Exploits On Your Rollup

Firewall is building a security layer for Web3, including the Safe Sequencer and its modular components that mitigate smart contract hacks before they impact users. We're reimagining security for Web3 with a novel system that leverages machine learning and pattern recognition to eliminate smart contract exploits on rollups in an transparent, verifiable way.

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Safe Sequencer

Rollups use the Safe Sequencer to block smart contract exploits in real-time, protecting the smart contract applications deployed on them and differentiating their blockspace. The Safe Sequencer is fast and instrumented with hand-written pattern recognition and A.I. models.

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Firewall EVM

The Firewall EVM executes transactions within the Safe Sequencer and accumulates execution data used to identify exploits.

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Proof of Exploit Consensus (PoE)

zkVM integrations prove the computation used in the Safe Sequencer, enabling users to prove if a transaction was maliciously censored. This check on power incentivizes the sequencer's operator to act properly, else risk losing all future expected profits and reputation.

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