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Core Values

Stop smart contract exploits

With the following core product axioms:

  • non-custodial
  • open access
  • trustless
  • performant & great UX

User Safety vs Credible Neutrality

Rollups should never need to choose between user safety and credible neutrality. We've developed our solutions from first principles to help your rollup provide safer blockspace that prioritizes the security of user's assets.

Proofs and Humans 🤝

We believe in proving computation where possible and creating a framework for machines and humans to provide checks and balances for each other. Our Rust-based stack maintains the best support within cutting-edge zkVMs such as RiscZero or SP1 that we use to prove exploit blocking and detection computation. Our zkVM integrations provide a method for users to prove invalid censorship by Firewall's modular security components, enabling actions such as removal from power or slashing.